Astrology Remedies

Astrology remidies will give solution to any problem that you have weather its about ur health , wealth , realtionship etc.

Astrology Remidies:

  • 1. Mantras
  • 2. Meditation & Preyer
  • 3. Hawan & Puja
  • 4. Upvas/Vrat/Fasting
  • 5. Gemstones

As far as the astrological remedies are concerned, it can broadly be classified into three parts :

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Yantra is a kind of an esoteric diagram which is often used as a sign. It is one of the fundamental principles of the practice of Tantra. The practice of Yantra is very much time-consuming and it is used when the remedy is required to be done over a long period of time. The astrologer performs Yantra when the querent is unable to go for any other remedial measures because of his/her ill-health, distance problem, lack of time etc.


Mantra is one of the most common forms of astrological remedies practiced not only in India but all over across the universe. Mantra is nothing but the simple chanting of certain holy words or the recitation of a particular sound repeatedly to overcome the problems set forth by the planet which responds to that particular sound. The basis of mind in its objective and structural aspect is the power inherent in different combinations of sounds. How consciousness differentiates into different states of mind is an interesting question and is impossible to know in the real sense until we can raise our consciousness to the level where this differentiation takes place and the manner in which it is brought about. Each root word generates a sound that activates a different centre in the human body that correlates to the particular planet.


It does happen at times that even the Mantra fails to work and it is during those times when Tantra is practiced. Because of the malefic effects of certain planets in a person's horoscopes, the Mantra does not work. In those times, the tantric sounds work miracles and helps the querent to overcome all the hurdles.

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General Astrological Remidies :
  • 1. Feed stray dogs with baked bread or biscuits regularly (minimum 43 days). This gives quite good results for you job related/ professional obstacles, particularly so if there is back biting in your office.
  • 2. Feed coarse grains to birds.
  • 3. Feed cows.
  • 4. Feed the blind. Do at least once in a year around your birthday time, go to a blind school yourself to feed them.
  • 5. Feed crows with bread (Roti) or curd.
  • 6. Always respect your elders, touch their feet to take their blessings.
  • 7. Give full respect to your mother and father. The Moon represents mother and the Sun the father in astrology , and they are two major luminaries in the sky.
  • 8. They also form two LAGANAS (the first house).
  • 9. Take curd with sugar before going out for any important work e.g. examination/ interview / sale purchase of property.
  • 10. For students who get confused in exams! Take an orange peal, break it into nine pieces and carry these nine pieces in your pocket while going for exams

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