Hawan Puja

In Hinduism, puja is a common way of worshipping Gods. It is the most famous way of worship that is practiced in every Hindu house till date. People do puja on daily basis and also during some auspicious ceremony or function. A puja can be a complicated or simple ritual depending on the way it is done. Puja allows Hindu people to revere Gods and Goddesses. It is an old belief in Hinduism that god is watching every action of human being and worshipping him keeps the person on the right track. Through worship they show how much they revere and respect God and win his heart to be protected in the times of trouble and difficulty. There are many god and Goddesses who are worshipped in Hinduism. All Gods have different powers and protect a human being at different times of his life.

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There are several forms of puja's that are performed in Hinduism like general puja in which Gods are worshipped to honor them. This type of puja can be performed on daily basis in the temples or within a person's heart.

Shanty Puja In this form of puja a havan is performed in the house. The main aim of this puja is reduce the worries and tensions that are hovering over a person's life. Shanty puja helps in decreasing the negative energies and helps a person gain back his confidence and live his life peacefully. This form of puja can also be performed on the demise of a person in a household to make his soul rest in peace.

Graha Puja is usually done before entering in a new house so that a person can lead a happy and healthy life in his new house. This puja helps in bringing positive energy inside the house and allows people moving in to commence a new life and stay happily in it.

Event Puja is a puja that is performed during different events happening in a person's life. This puja can be carried every year to honor the person on the date of his death. It can also be performed to celebrate some happiness or achievement every year.

Tithi Puja as the name suggests is performed on a particular tithi or date. The date can be of any importance to a person and can be performed at different times of the year.

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